The French label Reaktion was founded by Sedryk in 1996, and has just celebrated its 20th year of existence.

The label’s life is divided into two distinct phases:
- from 1996 to 2006, Reaktion was interested in experimental and innovative music (including No Past, Chef Menteur, Naing Naing, and Naïal)
- since 2008 the label was dedicated to the music of the Sahara via the collection ‘Le Chant Des Fauves’ (including Bombino, Aziza Brahim, Faris, Nabil Othmani, and the ‘Ishumar’ compilations)

After deactivating the website in 2015, Sedryk has now decided to take a break from the activities of the label for an unknown length of time.

Sedryk, founder of the label:
“I am not talking of a total end to the activities of Reaktion, because I don’t know what the future holds. The label already had two lives, so why not a third one in a totally different style? And I intend to keep on travelling into the Sahara (and elsewhere) with equipment to record the musicians I will meet on my way. Who knows what I will get with these recordings? But for the moment, there will be no new releases from the label.“

The whole ‘Le Chant Des Fauves’ catalogue will be administered by the London-based label IRL, which has been part of the wider Tuareg family for a long time (including Justin Adams, Tinariwen, and Terakaft amongst others).

Sedryk will also stop his ‘Imidiwan’ radio show about the music of the Sahara that he has produced since 2009. A last ‘Best Of’ radio show will be broadcast on the 1st of February 2017 on the Algerian webradio Radio Dzair. The oldest shows will remain available as podcasts on iTunes for a few months.